Do it yourself Cold & Freezer rooms

Knock down Cold and Freezer rooms – Designed with your budget in mind.

What you get with the Do It Yourself Cold & Freezer rooms

The Room:
Panels: 100mm Cold room / 150mm Freezer room Virgin grade expanded polystyrene with 0,5mm Frost white Chromadek cladding.
*Standard swing door equipped with lock & key,  safety latch (doors can open from inside even if locked), edge mount hinges.
*Bulkhead fitting with LED globe and light switch.
*Hardware (Hilti screws, silicone sealer, aluminum angle etc)
*Instructions to do-it-yourself .
Easy to erect.

The Refrigeration:
Complete with our Unique refrigeration pack.
*System is fully assembled at the factory, charged, run, tested and wired.
*No additional components required.
*High efficiency compressors, low running costs.
*Simple quick installation with no piping or loose components to install –       save on labour!
*Installs in a fraction of the time it takes to install a split system.
*Lower maintenance cost & work load.
*Come with a power cord, ready to plug in.
*Power supply: 220v
*Input temperature of products: General purpose
*Temperature range: 0 – +5°C Cold room / -15 ~ -18°C Freezer room
You need: Window and fresh air for heat transferring & a level floor surface to erect the room.

You erect the room yourself, hook on the Refrigeration Pack,
Plug in at a 3 point power plug & use!

Availability: 2 – 3 Weeks
Transport & erection can be arranged: Not included in prices. Quotation available on request

Prices valid until 30 April or while stock last.

Cold room price

All freezer rooms comes with a 100mm galvanized floor.